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Now it can be told. After 15 months of glorious:

a) semi-retirement
b) recovery from politics
c) shameless goofing off
d) all of the above

I am returning to:
1) making an honest living
2) shooting my mouth off
3) (1) followed by (2)

… on News Talk 770.

My first day back is Monday, August 19th, 12:30-4:00 pm. I’ll be flying solo from 12:30 til 3, and co-hosting 3:00-4:00 PM with Angela Kokott. I’m honoured that they asked me if I’d be interested in coming back. I’m flattered that they’ve put me back in my old time slot, from the life before my past life in politics. And I’m blushing about what Garry McKenzie, General Manager of Corus Radio Calgary, said in the release announcing my return:

“To find someone with the political acumen that Dave has coupled with his colourful and smart sense of the world is a rare find.”

Wow. (Others will decide whether I live up to that assessment.)

But here’s the thing. You and I both have things to say. You and I both love Calgary and want to see this Bloody Awesome City become all that it can be. You and I both have opinions. It’s not nearly as important whether we agree as it is to have the kind of animated, fresh, imaginative conversation that provokes other people to see things in a new light. You and I both have a wide range of interests. And I’d like to think we both believe that talk radio can be compelling, serious, activist, involved in real life stories and real life issues, entertaining, mind-expanding, nerdy, irreverent, and fun – all in the same show. I know I do.

Maybe that’s why they asked me to come back. Because I’m an Old Guy – at least, compared to those whippersnappers Roger Kingkade and Erin Kelly – who still thinks life is an adventure. I can’t be bothered getting angry about things that bug me if there’s a chance we can actually make those things better. And I still believe we get that chance every single day.

Great radio is about the human experience. Politics is just a sliver of the experience.

Starting August 19th, on News Talk 770, let’s make some great radio, you and me.

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