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“Brownsey” would be my friend Keith Brownsey, a professor of policy studies at Mount Royal University and the best damned classroom instructor I’ve ever seen.

He’s also an astute observer of politics and government. His Fourth Rule of Politics is so applicable in so many instances of political weirdness, evil, and insanity that I’ve never even bothered to ask him about Rules One thru Three. I’m not even sure if they exist. (“Rule Number One! There is no Rule Number One!” – Monty Python)

Whether or not Rules One thru Three exist, I can testify that Brownsey’s Fourth Rule is absolutely true. Although critics, political opponents, and the chronically paranoid will always suspect conspiracy, the cruel, stupid and clumsy actions of government are often simple incompetence. Occasionally, spectacularly convoluted incompetence. But incompetence nevertheless.

Exhibit A – Budget 2013.

I could go on ….and on…..and on…but I won’t. Instead, I will refer you to a column by  the Calgary Herald’s Don Braid that pretty much captures the essence of yesterday’s provincial budget, as spectacular a piece of governmental, bureaucratic and political incompetence as I think I have ever witnessed.

I’ll be offline for the weekend but I’ll have more – much more – to say next week.

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